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Sunday, April 17, 2011

New connection

Hey, here is my new connection for Internet today.
Really fast, even though I stay in kampung area also fast, I like it.
I just sign up today, after do the installation, here I come, won't wait like a turtle any more, ha ha...

Previously my streamyx is the slowest(around 3++Mbp), which I subscript together with my fixed line. Now I made up my mine to change for another company, this one with the RM30 per month, see will I use up the limit or not, if yes, I have to pay more money again for the Internet.


  1. rm30 per mth but how many mbp? the limit is ?

    now my streamyx is 100++ per mth, but the speed is fast...

  2. Hi, Joelyn, yours streamyx 100+ consider fast, maybe u can keep to this if u online wholeday.
    For me, I just online in the evening, or nightime, coz I'm working.
    So I need a faster connection with not so much data.
    This one is based on 4G network, they said is 3 to 5 times faster than 3G, and is 3sen per MB - with RM30 is 1GB per month.