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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New stroller

Searching for some time, finally bought this stroller on last Friday at Jaya Jusco - member day.
Actually have another one that bought about 12 years ago, it's too old already, and the roof top also missing.
And every time we want to bring baby out for some outing, my husband will always refuse to take the old stroller, maybe he 爱面子, not so nice to take the broken stroller, ha ha...
And now finally we have the new one, we can take baby to every where we want to, yeah !

Look baby so happy sit on the new stroller..

Actually done the research for about a month for that, don't want to invest so much money on the branded stroller which could cost up to RM1K+, so I found out this brand - sweet cherry, the design is look almost the same with the branded one, but the price is cheaper, about RM369 for this, I know the quality maybe different, but this is my last baby in my house, so opt for the cheaper one.

Monday, June 27, 2011


First time use the Lufthansa Airline, seat quite big, but the meal is very simple, the bread was hard and cold, went to Bangkok on Thu night, and went back on Mon afternoon.
This time follow the travel agency, so not many free time left for shopping, will go again next time just for shopping, ha ha........

Some of the places in Bangkok - temple, floating market and cultural show (Siam Niramit).

Hip Hotel Bangkok

First night - Bangkok Palace Hotel, very old hotel, but location ok.
2nd & 3rd night - Pattaya - Baron Beach Hotel, good-quiet new, location perfect for shopping.
4th night - Hip Hotel Bangkok - also quiet new, but location not so good.

Some of the souvenirs from Bangkok - Naraya bags, for sisters and for me too.
And some foods like meat floss, Pocky biscuits etc.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pandan Layer Cake

Want to make this cake long time ago, last weekend had some free time,

so try to ask my husband go to the Pasar Besar to buy santan (coconut milk),

he was sending my kids to Arithmetic (心算) class, on his way back he will pass by the pasar.

And to my surprise, he agreed to go, feel happy for that.

So I ask him to buy 1KG - RM2.50, I like this stall in the pasar, their santan is

fresh and thick.

And since I only need 600gm for this Pandan Layer Cake, so the balance I decided to make another plate of Jelly.

The Pandan Jelly Cake follow the recipe from Angie Ng (my mum's cake house)

9“ 蛋糕一粒(戚风或是海绵蛋糕)

椰浆 - 600ml
班兰水 - 500ml
糖 - 120g
盐 - 1/2tsp
绿豆粉- 85g(用Hoen Kwe的煮出来会比较滑)
即溶遮里粉 - 1tbsp
班兰香精 - 1/2tsp




5. 放一片蛋糕上去,用手轻轻按下,从覆做法。




Since this recipe is using 9 inch mould, but I only have 8 inch, so ended up with 2 plates of pandan cake & 1 plate of pandan jelly.

The result - the jelly in the pandan jelly cake is a bit too soft, easy to break,
but tasted good.

Don't know is there a different in Instant Jelly Powder and Agar-agar powder?

Thats all for this week posting, I'm going to Bangkok tonight, long time didn't go for vacation, hope I will enjoy myself during this trip - a small honeymoon, ha ha..........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BAR B Q PLAZA 50% Off !

Just bought 2 coupons from here

If your all want to buy, please act fast, coz it sold out very fast.

Yeah, have a new place to eat next week.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tiramisu again......

Ha, Tiramisu again, my daughter request for it, so decided to make it for them during this school holiday.

The recipe which I will keep it for my own records.

(A)Nescafe 咖啡粉 3g
Sugar 13g
Hot Water 100ml
Mixed and become - 咖啡糖浆

(B)植物鲜奶油 250g - 打起

(C)鱼胶粉 1汤匙
水 3汤匙


(D)Egg - 2粒
Sugar - 70g
Mixed and 隔水煮至濃稠.

(E)Mascarpone Cheese 250g
Kahlua 20g

1. 将搅拌好的(E)加入 (D), (C)和(B)搅拌均匀即可。

2. 把慕丝圈放在蛋糕盘上,先把手指饼平放在盘上,给手指饼涂上咖啡糖浆。

3. 把1/2的混合料倒入圈里只需半满,再将手指饼沾一沾咖啡糖浆,然后排在上面。

4. 将剩下的混合料倒入盖过手指饼即可,放入雪柜冷藏3小时以上。再以个人喜好装饰即可。

Here is my baby Jayden again, he is exactly 10 months old last Saturday.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last weekend, try to make this pao, result - not bad, tasted - not bad, make some rabbit and some man tao, man tao for my youngest son. Man tao cut to small, see all my man tao all sleeping, ha ha.......