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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New stroller

Searching for some time, finally bought this stroller on last Friday at Jaya Jusco - member day.
Actually have another one that bought about 12 years ago, it's too old already, and the roof top also missing.
And every time we want to bring baby out for some outing, my husband will always refuse to take the old stroller, maybe he 爱面子, not so nice to take the broken stroller, ha ha...
And now finally we have the new one, we can take baby to every where we want to, yeah !

Look baby so happy sit on the new stroller..

Actually done the research for about a month for that, don't want to invest so much money on the branded stroller which could cost up to RM1K+, so I found out this brand - sweet cherry, the design is look almost the same with the branded one, but the price is cheaper, about RM369 for this, I know the quality maybe different, but this is my last baby in my house, so opt for the cheaper one.


  1. 我也是买了架超过1k的,现在老三都3岁多了。。。。。我会把它送给我二哥女儿用。。。。其实真的不用买太贵,小孩很快就大的。。。。

  2. 是的, 小孩很快就长大, 一下子就不能用了。